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Planning Permits

Our town planning service is seamless. We have a huge knowledge base to draw from to ensure your town planning application progresses quickly and is obtained effortlessly. How do we ensure this:

  • Evaluation into the zonings, overlays and neighbourhood character of the property in question.

  • Listen to what your design ideas and expectations are and ensure they meet the property constraints and opportunities. Will the project get through council? What are the likely hurdles?

  • In partnership with you we will come up with a design that suits you, your budget, the property and surrounding neighbourhood. We design with our eyes wide open! We know where to push the boundaries and where to show restraint. We will offer design solutions until you are completely comfortable and happy to proceed to Council.

  • We cover all aspects of the Town Planning Submission including putting together the best application possible, closer monitoring of your submission, continual feedback to you and acting on further requirements from council in a timely manner.

  • Once your Planning Permit has been approved we offer a complete service to assist you to satisfy any permit condition plan and construction documents to allow you to proceed to construction or to obtain quotes.

 Give us a call 03 9725 3400

 Give us a call
03 9725 3400