• Eastment building planning restrictions
  • Pool safety

Building Dispensations, Build over Eastment Applications & Pool Fences

Building Dispensations

Building Regulations limit things like;

  • How close to the front, side and rear boundaries you can build?
  • How high you can build?
  • How much of your site you can cover?
  • How long a wall along a boundary can be and a range of other things?

It is possible to apply to Council for consent to vary these regulations. This is called a Building Dispensation.

Abcad Design can discuss what you want to do and assess if it is suitable to apply for a Building Dispensation.

If so we can produce the plans, the application and negotiate with Council on your behalf.

Build Over Easements consents

Easements are areas on your land that someone else has a right to use for a specific purpose. Typically, the easements allow for underground drainage pipes but can be for a range of other uses. If you need to build on or change part of your land that is close to or within an easement, you may need to get the consent. Abcad Design can discuss what you want to do and assess if a Build Over Easement application is required. If so, we can produce the plans, the application and handle the process.

Pool Fences/Safety Barriers

Building Regulations require a compliant safety barrier (pool fence) as a passive measure to assist with the protection of children around private pools, spas and some water features. Plans that demonstrate how a compliant safety barrier is to be built form part of the permit documents for any new pool, spa and some water features. Abcad Design can discuss your requirements, obligations and preferences. We can then produce plans for a suitable pool fence.

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