Dual Occupancy And Multi Dwelling Development

Abcad Design has spent many years working with:

  • Professional Property Developers

  • Builder Developers

  • First Time Property Developers

  • People wanting to subdivide their backyard

  • And those that are somewhere in between.

Planning schemes and Council preferences that affect your site are constantly changing. It is our job to stay on top of this so that we can make sure you get the best possible outcome for your project. We have a strong reputation for intelligent responses to Planning constraints. Put our knowledge to work on your next project.

We guarantee our work will be prompt, innovative and cost effective.

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What do you want from your Designer?

Most will tell you that they know their stuff. But that’s what you expect right? Sure, we know our stuff too but, what is different about us will make you money.

Experience the Abcad Design difference

The clock is ticking and time is money!

  • We are quick with our work and do what we promise. Each project has time lines and deadlines set monitored and met.
  • We don’t wait for Council. We actively chase up Council at each stage to keep your application moving through the Councils system.

Building Cost and Profit are connected!

  • Getting a Planning Permit is the goal, right? When you have a permit, the cost to build and practicality becomes very important this is where we come in.
  • We don’t waste your money designing impractical and unnecessarily expensive design solutions.

Appealing design & features equal popular project!

  • Having a permit for a Development that doesn’t suit your intended market or has a poor floor plan will cost you money. Real Estate Agents and experience will tell you that popular properties sell or rent quicker and for higher prices.

  • We prepare designs that are directly responsive to the needs of your target market and include Interior Design expertise.

Sure, we know our stuff;

  • We are very good at maximising your site.

  • We have a wealth of experience in Planning, Design, Development and Construction.

  • We will tell you where to push the boundaries of the regulations and where not to.

  • We are ready, willing and very able to negotiate with Council and (if needed) Objectors.

But the Abcad Design difference is what sets us apart and will make you more money

Abcad Design will ensure your project is; Fast, Cost Efficient and Popular.

All Developer words for “more profitable”

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Can I subdivide the backyard or home site?

Experience the Abcad Design difference

Ever heard that saying ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ ..... well money does grow in backyards. A backyard or home site might be worth more than you think!

Ask us how... 

Whether you are looking for someone to buy your backyard or help you through the process of subdivision or perhaps even build a new house in the back Abcad can help.

This suits many people for difference reasons:

  • If your backyard is too big, rarely used and takes too much time to maintain

  • If you want to reduce your mortgage or pay off some debts

  • If you want some more cash for renovations, a holiday or a new car

  • If you want some money for your retirement without selling your home

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